Games and Ideas for your Parties

Get Set Party is here to help you to organise your parties and to have more fun! We’ve got loads of ideas for young kids parties, birthdays, older kids parties and sleepovers, family parties, Christmas, adult and dinner parties.

Everyday me and the team discuss what to update on the site, and go through your latest games, messages and ideas. Whatever you’re organising, whether it’s a major celebration or a kids party, Get Set Party┬áis designed to help.

Your Community

This is your community, and we hope you benefit from it. We ask that if you value what you find here, that you add to the fun with your own ideas. In the spirit of the site, we will add all great games to the site, and only omit stuff that is not appropriate.

Have Fun!

A lot of our visitors are from the USA, many from Europe, Australia and Asia. We don’t mind…wherever you’re from, whatever you’re planning, this site will help you have a laugh and relax.

As we say – cheers, and enjoy it!