Balloon & Ball Games

Some fun ideas for birthdays and other events with balloons or balls

Tricky Ball

Pass a ball round a circle: if you drop the ball you go to one hand, one knee etc. The last player in is the winner. Great fun!

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Balloon Actions

Ask your guests to sit in a circle with the balloons in the middle. Each child chooses a balloon, stomps on it until it pops, and reads the secret message inside.

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Balloon Party Game

Balloon Truth or Dare

Put truth questions in green balloons, dare questions in red balloons. Take turns to pop a balloon and take the challenge!

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Shaving Balloons

GET SET Cover the balloons in shaving foam. Pair up your guests, and one person holds the ballon in their mouth, the other is the shaver. Give them a razor. You can have the girls shave and the boys hold, or whatever works best. PARTY! On the word go s …

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Balloon Relay

You’ll need a room or area with space to run up and down. Divide your guests into 2 teams. Have then stand behind a start line. 

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On the word go, the teams must pass the balloon down their row, from person to person, between their knees, as quickly as possible.

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Water Bottle Bowling

GET SET Make your pins at least a day before. 1 Prepare the bottles Remove the labels and tidy up the outside of the bottles. 2 Paint the bottles Remove the lids and squirt a small amount of paint into the bottom of each bottle. Choose colors to suit. …

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Balloon Volleyball: great for family, friends and kids!

Set up a rope between 2 chairs. Play volleyball indoors with a white balloon!

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Balloon Stomp

A nice game to get kids running around. Fun for kids parties, family reunions, and summer events. You need some open space outdoors, ideally on grass. Possibly indoors if you have a hall or indoor sports area.

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