Christmas Party Games

Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s a selection of the best party games for your Christmas Party, whether it’s an office party, a party with your mates, or a family gathering after the traditional roast. Everyone enjoys a bit of festive fun!

Pass the Pumpkin

This is a lovely twist on a classic game: great for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Good for kids from aged 8, teens, adults and families. It can be played indoors or out with any group of 8 or more.

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Water Bottle Bowling

GET SET Make your pins at least a day before. 1 Prepare the bottles Remove the labels and tidy up the outside of the bottles. 2 Paint the bottles Remove the lids and squirt a small amount of paint into the bottom of each bottle. Choose colors to suit. …

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Panic Word: a favorite for adults and kids

Write 1 word on each index card. A noun is best, but you can also use adjectives and verbs. Simple words are better, for example: House, Car, Jet, Ski, Dog, Cat, Hot, Icy, Blink, Run, Skip. Pick trickier words for an older group. Stack your cards face down ready to play. Group your people into 2 teams, roughly facing each other.

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Bottle Blow

This game is simple. Players take it in turns to get up close to the pack of cards and blow just a couple of cards off the top of the pack. Players can blow as many or as few cards off as they want. The aim is to avoid being the person who blows the last card off the bottle.

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A Super-Easy Fun Quiz

GET SET 1 Choose A Quiz Type Decide on your quiz type: something appropriate for your guests. So you could suggest News Quiz, Music, Sports, History, Celebrities etc. Or simply General Knowledge. 2 Instruct Your Guests A couple of days before the event …

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Cotton Ball Relay

Set up a large table, (or a bunch of tables) at one end of the room, for the cotton balls. For each team: – Place a bowl of 10 cotton balls on the table – Nearby, put some vaseline on a plate, ready for people to dip theirs noses into

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TV Spotter

GET SET Print the list of 12 things to spot on TV. How many can you spot? Switch on your favorite programme and settle down to play TV Spotter. PARTY! To get points, you need to SHOUT out as soon as you spot one of the items. Log the scores. Tot up sco …

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Cereal Box Game

Take turns to bend over and pick up an empty cereal box with your teeth. Cut an inch off each round. Last one to succeed wins.

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Zip Zap Boing

One person begins by looking in a direction and saying Zip the next person then says Zip and it continues round in a circle. The next command is Boing (difficult to type, as in the sound a spring makes.) This changes the direction of the zip and so it continues back round in the opposite direction.

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