Write some fun actions on slips of paper, and put into balloons. Your guests pop a balloon and do the actions.


- enough balloons for each child to get to pop at least two
- slips of paper and pen

PLAYERS: 6 or more

AGES: 5 upwards

A great game for kids parties, sleepovers and birthdays. Noisy, funny and gets everyone laughing!


Write a set of actions on slips of paper, such as:

– act like a bunny
– cluck like a chicken
– stand on your head

There are more ideas in the box below.
Now put each secret message in a balloon and blow it up.
Do at least two balloons per guest.


Ask your guests to sit in a circle with the balloons in the middle.
Each child chooses a balloon, stomps on it until it pops, and reads the secret message inside.
Now do the action they find.

Your party will turn into a riot!


Ideas for actions
- act like a bunny
- cluck like a chicken
- stand on your head
- sing a song
- eat a raw vegetable
- spin in circles for 10 seconds
- suck an ice cube until melted without chewing
- sniff the pepper shaker
- let someone tickle you for 30 seconds
- stop blinking for 30 seconds
- remove one sock and shoe so that one foot is bare for the rest of the game
Let us know your ideas in the comments!