Tie balloons to your ankles. Form teams. Stomp out the other team's balloons until they're all popped.


- 2 balloons per person, plus spares. Buy 2 or 3 different colors.
- String. Cut into 50cm lengths (approx.). 2 lengths per player.
- Scissors

PLAYERS: 4 or more

AGES: 3 upwards

A nice game to get kids running around. Fun for kids parties, family reunions, and summer events.
You need some open space outdoors, ideally on grass. Possibly indoors if you have a hall or indoor sports area.


Mark out the play area: with cones or similar.
Give everyone 2 balloons and 2 lengths of string.
Each team has one colour of balloon.

Help them tie each balloon to an ankle.
Make sure the balloon is not too close to the ankle: leave several cm of spare string.

Split your group into teams: you can have 2 or 3 teams depending on numbers and personalities.


Start the game on the word “Go”.

Players must stomp and pop the other teams’ balloons.
Players cannot use hands, and must stay within the play area.

The team to have the last balloon up-popped wins the game.


Bring a trash bag to clear up with!
Remember the scissors to help kids get the string off their legs later
A very good tip is to all go on bare feet: less pain


You can play where the players must sit out of the game when their balloons are popped.
A nice idea is to put a candy in each balloon: of extra fun
You can also play without teams, as individuals. The last one with an un-popped balloon wins.

Here’s a great Youtube video of Balloon Stomp: