Balloon Party Game


Put truth questions in green balloons, dare questions in red balloons. Take turns to pop a balloon and take the challenge!


- red and green balloons
- slips of paper and pen
- permanent marker (optional)

PLAYERS: 4 or more

AGES: 7 upwards

A very different kind of truth or dare, and a little bit potty. It makes truth or dare more interesting, because you have to pop a balloon and you don't know what you're going to get! Good for sleepovers and teen parties.


Write your truth questions and dares on slips of paper.
Now put the truths in green balloons and blow them up.
Put dares in red balloons and blow them up.
Write truth or dare on the outside of the balloons with a permanent marker.


Get everyone to pop a balloon by sitting on it, then read the truth or dare out aloud and answer it or do it.

Awesome fun!