Set up a rope between 2 chairs. Play volleyball indoors with a white balloon!


- 2 chairs
- A rope, ribbon or string
- White balloons
- Ideally a rug to mark the court

PLAYERS: 4-8 players works well

AGES: 8 upwards

I had someone ask about beach party games. Volleyball is a classic: for friends, for kids and for all the family. It’s so versatile, because you can also play anywhere with some space.

But best of all: have you tried playing indoors with a white balloon as a party game? Just brilliant!
Here are the simple details for a fun time without a lot of fuss.


1 Mark out the play area
Best to use a rug.
Clear the space around the play area.

2 Set up the net
Use two chairs and tie a ribbon or rope/string across the centre of the play area.
You can also use a proper volleyball net; easy to get online.
The top of your net can be about 3-4 feet off the ground, depending on the age of your players.

3 Get a ball
Use a white balloon as the volleyball. Have some spares.

4 Play the music!
Get your beach beats playing: see the playlist later.


Divide into 2 teams. Shoes off.
One team serves, and you whack the balloon back and forth.
Score a point if the balloon goes out or hits the ground.
When you win the rally, you serve next.
First team to 15 wins.


Whether you are inside, or out, the music makes the party!
Create a playlist that mixes old and new: full of songs guests will recognize.
Use a simple portable speaker with loads of battery life. Here’s the playlist:

  • California Girls – The Beach Boys
  • Coconut Juice – Tyga
  • Dancing Queen – Abba
  • Feels Like Summer Again – The Wallflowers
  • Hawaii Five-O Theme Tune
  • Heat Wave – Linda Ronstadt
  • Hot Hot Hot – Buster Poindexter
  • In The Summertime – Mungo Jerry
  • Island In The Sun – Weezer
  • Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini – Bryan Hyland
  • Jammin – Bob Marley
  • Kokamo – The Beach Boys
  • Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett
  • Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield
  • School’s Out – Alice Cooper
  • Summertime –  Kenny Chesney
  • Surfin’ Safari – The Beach Boys
  • Surfin’ U.S.A. – The Beach Boys
  • The Boys Of Summer – Don Henley
  • Under The Boardwalk – Drifters
  • Wipe Out – The Surfaris
  • Wipeout – Fat Boys and the Beach Boys


Clear the play area of breakable items, and hard edges before you start.
Lay out loads of soft cushions, to keep your people and handy to sit on.


A great variation for this is to use a glow in the dark kit. Try glow necklaces hung off your net, or fairy lights, and a glow in the dark balloon for the volleyball. People can wear glow sticks as bracelets to help avoid collisions.Turn off the lights and have a ball! This is a fab idea for Halloween.

Here’s a great Youtube video of Balloon Volleyball: great for family, friends and kids!: