Write four true items and one false item your card. Take turns to see if your team can guess which one is the truth!


- index cards
- pens or pencils

PLAYERS: 6 or more

AGES: Adults

This game is great for people just getting to know each other, as an icebreaker, and for a laughs at a dinner party.


Pass out index cards and pencils. Each person writes his or her name at the top of the card and then writes four true items and one false item, in any order, on the card.


All pass their cards to the moderator, who reads the first card.
After players discuss relative probabilities for the items, the moderator call for a vote.

There is no prize for fooling people, just the enjoyment of being the center of attention for a few minutes! Discussion is very lively, finding out the bizarre little truths about each other is fun, and characters are revealed in playing the game.