Hide and seek with a twist.
Lights out, make the whole house dark.
One person hides. He/she uses a mobile phone to call everyone to give them clues until they get discovered.


- a bunch of friends
- mobile phones
- you can also use torches

PLAYERS: 6 or more

AGES: 7 upwards

A new type of hide and seek to play using a mobile phone and house phone. This game is thrilling and fun. A great game for kids and teens!


Wait until it’s dark and turn out the lights.
One person hides with a mobile phone.


In the pitch black, everyone goes looking for this one person.
Every so often he/she must call the house phone or another mobile and give clues to where he/she is hiding.

Brilliant fun!


- If you have one, get a night vision video camera to follow the guests, and watch the vid later.
- Have some music or spooky noise blasting out 🙂


- If the hider manages to tag a seeker the seeker must join them
- The hider can move about to look for items scattered around the house
- These items could be guarded by the seekers, or placed without them knowing