Balance a deck of cards on a bottle.
Take turns to blow off one or more cards.
The loser is the person to blow off the last card.


- a wine bottle or beer bottle
- a pack of cards

PLAYERS: 2 or more

AGES: 10 upwards

It’s a game anyone can play and very addictive.
A great game to test your coordination skills. It’s super fun for sleepovers, family events and after a casual dinner party. I recently played this with my mother-in-law and my young daughter: it certainly spans the ages!


Loosely shuffle and place on top of the bottle: this takes a bit of balancing skill 😉


This game is simple. Players take it in turns to get up close to the pack of cards and blow just a couple of cards off the top of the pack. Players can blow as many or as few cards off as they want.

The aim is to avoid being the person who blows the last card off the bottle.

It’s all about finding the perfect blow. Just a single card at a time will take a while. However you also don’t want to send the whole pack tumbling off.



Whenever a player blows an ace off the bottle, that player has to do a forfeit.