Take turns to bend over and pick up an empty cereal box with your teeth.
Cut an inch off each round. Last one to succeed wins.


- A large cereal box (empty)
- Scissors

PLAYERS: 3 or more

AGES: 7 upwards

Also known as Great Blue Heron. This is a fairly physical game, that any age can enjoy, from about 5 years up to 75. You need just 3 people or more.

It works well for an older kids party, a family party and as an after dinner game. Super entertaining, this one always creates laughter and joy!


  1. Clear a good wide space in the middle of the room: people may be toppling over for this one!
  2. Place the empty cereal box in the centre.
  3. Have your scissors ready.
  4. Gather your people.


Now take it in turns to try to pick up the box using just your teeth.

  • Only your feet can touch the floor.
  • You basically approach the box, bend over forwards and grab with the mouth.
  • You can bend or flex in any way you want.
  • If someone fails and falls over, or touches the ground with anything apart form their feet, they go out.

Once you’ve been around the whole group, cut an inch of cardboard off the top of the box to make it shorter. And harder to pick up!

Now repeat the process, until you have a winner.

The game gets harder and harder.
Believe me, this game can get really competitive as you get down to the last supple couple flexing the heads all the way down to an inch off the floor.

Have fun!


You may adjust (rotate) the position of the box before your turn.
We usually cut 2-3 inches the first few times, then cut 1-2 inches as the box gets lower.
Players need to lift the box in their mouths for at least 2 seconds.
Try a bobbing approach – it helps if you can balance it.

Clear fragile objects from the play area.


As a variation, you can make this harder by allowing players to stand on only one foot.
If a player fails, you can offer them a second chance at the end of the round so they can rest.

Here’s a great Youtube video of Cereal Box Game: