Like musical chairs: except you have your players dashing off around the house to collect items.


- chairs for everyone
- a list of items to collect
- don't forget prizes!

PLAYERS: 6 or more

AGES: 10 upwards

This game works for all ages from about 10 up to adult. It's funny, physical and competitive. Good for a kids party, for a sleepover, and for family occasions. It also works well for Christmas and Thanksgiving.


Set up enough chairs in the middle of the room for all your players.
Prepare a list of items to collect from around your home: use a list of common household items, see box below.


Get your players ready, call out the first object from your list, and ask them all to dash off to find it.

Each time the players leave to get an item you remove a chair.
The last one back is out.

Play on until there is only one chair remaining and one winner.


Just be careful with things getting broken as children run around.
Example list of items to collect:

- a cushion
- a spoon
- a coin
- a mug
- a towel
- an orange
- a magazine