Put on gloves, scarf, hat. Try to eat some chocolate with a knife and fork. Everyone else takes turns to shake a dice. Next person to throw a double takes over.

One of the funniest games, highly recommended. Kids just love chocolate, plus they can be super competitive and enjoy this sort of challenge. This games works in many ways!

Perfect for kids aged 7-12.  Best for sleepovers, parties and small gatherings. 4 kids or more. You can try it at a family party too.


Prepare these items:

  • a hat
  • a pair of gloves – woolly mittens work well
  • a scarf
  • a pair of dice
  • a knife and a fork
  • a plate
  • a bar of chocolate, keep its wrapper on. Have a spare handy too.


Lay out the knife, fork and plate, with the wrapped chocolate. Ask everyone to sit in a circle around the plate.

Now start the game: players take it in turns to throw the dice, going around the circle.
If someone throws a double, they get to sit at the plate, put on the gloves, scarf and hat, then try to open (and eat!) the chocolate, using the knife and fork.

Meanwhile, the dice keep rolling, until the next person rolls a double, and it is their turn to have a go.

This is a super funny game: my kids love it. When the doubles start coming up in quick succession everyone explodes with laughter.


  • Don’t forget to take some photos to capture the moment!
  • Don’t use plastic knifes and forks: they just snapped
  • Make sure none of the girls/boys are allergic to chocolate


  • Split into two teams. Take it in turns to put on huge gloves (gardening gloves work), then unwrap some gum or a candy, and chew it. Every teammate must do the same. The 1st team to finish wins!
  • Set a stool down the other end of the room: players must run around this before starting their turn