Couples have a piece of newspaper. Play the music. When it stops they stand on the paper. When it starts they fold the paper in half ready for the next round.
The last couple left standing on their paper wins!


- music
- large sheet of newspaper per couple

PLAYERS: 6 or more, in pairs

AGES: 5, up to grandma

Play this game for family parties, kids' b-days & holiday parties...it always becomes a blast. A MUST DO!
It works really well for all sorts of parties, even Christmas with family.


Everyone pairs up with space to dance a bit.
Each couple has a sheet of newspaper: the bigger the better.


Play your favourite songs, and stop the music randomly.
When the music stops you must stand together on the paper.

Each time the music stops the paper is folded in half.
The couples get closer as the paper gets smaller. Any combination is acceptable as long as the couple are on the paper.

The last couple left standing on their paper wins!

Here’s a great Youtube video of Close Contact Music Game: