Hang up a load of donuts and get your kids to eat them without their hands


donuts for everyone, with some spares

PLAYERS: 3 or more

This is an amazing game we play regularly: my kids adore it! Lots of fun and laughter.
It works well for a kids birthday party, for sleepovers and family occasions.
Just make sure you prepare for some mess!


  1. Find a space where the sticky sugar won’t cause a problem: a tiled kitchen, or outside.
  2. Hang a 6 to 10 foot length of string across the space, above head height. Between two trees is good. You can also tie from a beam.
  3. Now hang each donut down from the string so it dangles just above kids’ mouth height. One donut per player.


On the count of three each player starts to eat their donut without using their hands. The first to finish wins. This is so funny to watch: you end up with sugar all over your face. Don’t forget to take some photos!


Give yourself some time to get the string right.
Try to get simple ring donuts with no filling as jam/chocolate gets really messy. Iced ring donuts are also good.
Have some face wipes and a trash bag ready to clean up with.
Play somewhere outside ideally, or with a floor you can wipe easily.
Using a clothes line also works.


Try this game with a rule where people cannot lick their lips, otherwise they get disqualified.
You can also play it with chocolate fish.

Here’s a great Youtube video of Donuts on a String: