Everyone is a secret celebrity. There's a list. There are questions. There are teams. It's a blast!


- Plenty of adults (and kids)
- A game leader
- A pen and paper
- A sense of fun!

PLAYERS: 6 or more


AGES: 7 upwards

This is a perfect game for a family gathering, a Christmas lunch, a big birthday, and for dinners.
It’s also fine for kids aged 7 upwards. We played it at a big lunch for Grandma the other Sunday and it was just brilliant. A top recommendation!


Each person needs to think of a celebrity or famous name. They will be this person. Most of the kids will think of TV celebs and singers. The older adults usually go for politicians and people from the news and history. That’s all good, but if there are lots of kids, the adults should think up names that they would know. For each game, one person is the game leader: they leave the room. They will not play. Everyone takes a turn to go out and secretly tell the game leader their famous name. The game leader writes down all the names and adds three extra “wildcards”. They then come back into the party room and start the game.


The game leader reads out the list of names three times, including the wildcards. The person on the left of the leader now starts. They pick any person (not the game leader) and try to match a name from the list to that player. For example I could call out “Mum, are you Winston Churchill?” They let you know if you are right or wrong. If you are right, you “team up” with that person and start working as a little team. You can should share your famous name when you join a team. Whether the guess was right or wrong, the next turn belongs to the person who was asked. So in this example, it’s Mum’s turn. You keep going, with the teams getting larger and larger, until you have a winner….the last person left.


A couple of extra tips:

You can’t bluff by asking someone if they are the famous person you selected for yourself
Once the game leader has read out the list three times, they cannot read the list out again.
Don't forget the game leader does not play. Nominate a new game leader for each game.