Using dice, take turns to try and open a well wrapped gift, wearing mittens, scarf and hat. Roll a double to swap.


- 1 pair of dice
- 1 pair of mittens, not gloves
- 1 scarf
- 1 hat
- 1 gift

PLAYERS: 4 or more

AGES: 7 upwards

This party game is hilarious to watch, and even more fun to be part of!
It's cool for a sleepover party, it works nicely for Christmas, Thanksgiving and for family events. It's also getting rated highly, so you'll find it goes down well.


Put the gift in a box and wrap it tightly in at least 15 layers of wrapping paper, with plenty of tape.
Make sure it is a gift that can be manhandled and is not fragile. The gift is placed in the middle of a table along with the mittens, scarf, hat and dice.


Each person takes a turn at rolling the dice. As soon as someone scores a double they must pass the dice on and then put on the mittens, scarf and hat as fast as possible. Then they must scramble to unwrap the present, whilst still wearing the mittens.

The whole time this is happening, the other players keep rolling the dice until one of them gets a double. They then take the mittens and clothing from the other player and have a turn at unwrapping the gift.


- instead of a pressie you use chocolate and cut it with a knife and fork. Except you can only cut and eat one square at a time and instead of doubles you roll sixes