Ask each guest to bring a couple of quiz questions to your party or dinner.
Take it in turns to read out your question. Informally tot up the scores. Great icebreaker.


- A pen and paper to score
- A small prize
- Quiz questions

PLAYERS: 4 or more

AGES: 13 upwards

The other day we played this informal quiz at our team Christmas lunch in the pub.
It’s so good as an icebreaker: people love the interaction and the challenge. Some people get super competitive. Others just don’t mind!

You can play this at any party, for any age group. Great for adults, dinners, family gatherings. Aged teen upwards.


1 Choose A Quiz Type
Decide on your quiz type: something appropriate for your guests.
So you could suggest News Quiz, Music, Sports, History, Celebrities etc.
Or simply General Knowledge.

2 Instruct Your Guests
A couple of days before the event, ask everyone to prepare their 2 quiz questions.
Google has a lot of good ideas.
Each guest needs to write down their questions, and the answers.
Or just put them into their smartphone notes.


1 Start 
This is best played sitting in a circle: at a table. During dinner is good if you are eating.
Start the game to your left, and go around the table.

2 Each Person Reads A Question
You take it in turns to read out one of your quiz questions.
Give a point to the first person to call out the correct answer.

3 Continue
Keep going around, until everyone has called out both their questions.

4 Score
One point for a correct answer.
Half a point for close answers.
You can include bonus points.
Write down the scores as you go.
Give clues if needed.

5 Find A Winner
Choose how seriously you take the scoring.
Tot up and give out the prize at the end.

Hope you enjoy.


Keep it informal. The idea is to have a bit of fun, and break the ice. We didn't even decide a winner when we played last.
Make sure the questions are not too tricky. Simpler, more amusing questions are better.