A bowl of flour. Balance a jelly baby on top. Take turns to remove a spoonful of flour.
Whoever makes the sweet fall must eat it without using their hands.


- Jellybabies
- Flour
- A large bowl: big enough to put your head into
- Spoons: one per player

PLAYERS: 3 or more

AGES: 5 upwards

This is a messy game, but one that kids love. Very popular for sleepovers.
Suitable for kids aged 7 upwards.


Fill the bowl with flour and create a small mound
Put a jellybaby or similar small sweet on top. Anything works really.
Give everyone a spoon.


Now sit around the bowl in a circle.
Take it in turns to remove a spoonful of flour.
If the sweet falls off the flour mountain on your go, you lose. You must now get and eat the sweet without using your hands.


Have a vacuum cleaner ready to clear up the flour
Or play on a plastic sheet
You don't need to use Jellybabies: any sweet will do

Here’s a great Youtube video of Jelly Baby Mountain: