Party Game


A blindfolded "guard" sits and guards treasure with a rolled up newspaper. Your guests take turns to steal items...until they get hit by the guard!


- "treasure": cheap jewelry, coins, a watch, a set of keys for example
- you can also use wrapped sweets
- a rolled up newspaper: the larger the better
- a blindfold
- a chair
- optional funny accessories: a clown nose, wig (see Variations)

PLAYERS: 5 or more

AGES: 5 upwards

Another great game for a kids party, for a sleepover, and it also works well for the family at Christmas.


Pile up some “treasure”: cheap jewelry, coins, a watch, a set of keys in the middle of the room. You can also use wrapped sweets.
One person becomes the blind security guard: you place a blindfold on them, give them a rolled up newspaper.
Ask them to sit and guard the treasure.


Everyone else sits in a circle around the security guard.
You then take it in turns to try to steal an item of treasure or sweet without getting caught.
If the guard hears you she shouts ‘Thief Thief!’ and tries to whack you with the newspaper.
If you get hit, you put the item back, and play passes to the next person.

The winner is the person at the end with the most treasure.


From your comments...
A nice twist: whichever limb gets whacked or the closest limb to the whacked spot is out. So you might end up trying to steal treasure with one leg or an arm!
Whoever gets hit with the newspaper has to wear a funny accessory e.g. a clown nose, wig