This is a “must have” game at sleepovers. Good fun for most age groups.

– Buy some maltesers: you’ll need a few packets becuase people eat loads of them!
– You also need one dice
– Straws
– A cup

– Put the Maltese’s in a bowl in the middle of the group
– Each person needs a straw and a cup
– You also need one dice.

Someone starts by rolling the dice. It keeps going round until someone rolls a six.
When they do, they have to try and get as many maltesers into their cup using just the straw, by sucking the maltesers.
They keep doing this until another person rolls a six and starts sucking instead.

It’s so much fun because as you are trying to suck the maltesers you keep laughing at your other mates who keep trying to get a six but can’t. It makes it very difficult.

What’s a MALTESER?
Due to loads of feedback, a malteser is a chocolate sweet with a honeycomb centre. A bit like a whopper, or malt balls.
If you don’t have maltesers, try malt balls, marshmallows, whoppers, or any sweet that is round and light.