Dance around a circle taking turns to step on an island. When the music stops if you are on the island you go out. Last one left wins.


- an "island" which is a hole-hoop, piece of carpet or card
- music
- prizes

PLAYERS: 8 or more

AGES: Up to 6

A lovely traditional game for kids up to 6 years. Great for a birthday party. Very simple and lots of fun.


You need a small piece of carpet, cloth or card that one person can stand on. Alternatively you can use a hoola-hoop.
This is the “island”. You also need music ready to start and stop.

Ask your children to stand in a rough circle and for one of them to be standing on the island.


Now start the music, and ask the kids to walk/dance around in a circle, taking it in turns to stand on the island.

When the music stops, whoever is standing on the island must drop out of the game. If nobody is on the island you continue to the next round.

The prize winner is the last person in.


Another version: make squares of card for each child and get them to dance around them.
Then get them to stand on the cards when the music stops.
For slightly older children you can remove one card, and whoever doesn’t stand on card drops out, as with musical chairs.