One gift, wrapped huge parcel with many layers and boxes. Throw dice....take it in turns to try to unwrap wearing gloves. Brilliant!


- a prize
- many boxes
- wrapping paper and tape
- stuffing (tissue paper or newspaper)
- 2 dice
- a winter hat and gloves (make sure it is a very silly hat - i.e. one with a ball and ear flaps so you can get some hilarious photos)
- a hard surface to roll the dice on
- a chair for everyone

PLAYERS: 4 or more

AGES: 7 upwards

We played this game last year at our office Christmas Party and had so much fun.


Wrap up a gift such as a gift voucher in a small box. Continue to wrap a box inside a box inside a box. Be sure to fill the empty space in the boxes with newspaper or tissue paper.


Have the group form a circle of chairs around the box. The participants will take turns rolling the dice. When someone rolls a double, they run to the center of the circle, put on the hat and gloves, and begin tearing into the gift. When the next person rolls doubles they get to take the hat and gloves and the first person must sit down.

The game continues until someone opens the package containing the prize. They get to keep the gift.


You can include sweets within the layers so everyone's a winner.