Repeat after me: One brown bear. Two fat ducks. Three running hares. Four fat females fixing for a fight. etc...
If you mess up you take a forfeit!


- a group of friends

PLAYERS: 3 or more

AGES: 10 upwards

This party game is great for sleepovers, and also good to play in the bar as a drinking game. It's good for holidays, maybe Apres Ski. You can also have a laugh on a long car journey if you've got the right people 😉

It's great because it's a tongue twister. You get a load of funny confusion.


Just get everyone in a circle, or around a table, and explain the rules.


It’s simple. One person (the leader) starts and says the first line.
Going to the left, everyone in the circle just repeats what the leader said.
Use the lines from the list below.

After everyone has said the first line, the leader just adds another.
Keep going until all ten sentences have been said. If you mess up you take a forfeit.

You can print them out.

1. One brown bear.
2. Two fat ducks.
3. Three running hares.
4. Four fat females fixing for a fight.
5. Five silly skunks sitting on a stump.
6. Six Sicilian sailors sailing the seven seas. I’m the son of a Sicilian sailor.
7. Seven sock cutters cockily cutting socks. I’m the son of a sock cutter.
8. Eight fig pickers frolicking through the fields. I’m the son of a fig picker.
9. Nine neon nuns nestling in a nut hut. I’m the son of a neon nun.
10. Ten tall Texans telling ten other tall Texans tall tales. I’m the son of a tall Texan tale teller.

As you can tell it is very hard to repeat all that under pressure! Enjoy.



1. One brown bear.
2. A couple of ducks.
3. Three trees growing tall.
4. Four fisherman fishing for fish.
5. Five frenchmen french frying french fries.
6. Six sexy samplers sampling some cider.
7. Seven siamese sailors sailing the seven seas.
8. Eight elongated alligators elevating elevators.
9. Nine naughtly nut nibblers nibbling on some nuts.
10. Ten truant tart tasters tasting the tarts that the tart tasters tested.