Describe as many words to your teammate(s) as possible in 2 minutes.


- a pile of index cards (about 100 measuring 3 inch by 5 inch)
- a pen and paper to score on
- a timer (a watch with a second hand or your smartphone timer)

PLAYERS: 4 or more

AGES: 8 upwards

From the comments: this game brings a very competitive side in people and usually it's the person with the loudest voice that wins! Good for family events, dinner parties, and also for your kids events and sleepovers from about aged 8 upwards.


  1. Write 1 word on each index card. A noun is best, but you can also use adjectives and verbs.
  2. Simple words are better, for example:

House, Car, Jet, Ski, Dog, Cat, Hot, Icy, Blink, Run, Skip.

  1. Pick trickier words for an older group.
  2. Stack your cards face down ready to play.
  3. Group your people into 2 teams, roughly facing each other.


Nominate one person to start. They get the cards. The other team has the timer. On the word go, take the first card and simply describe it to your teammate(s).

  • As each word is guessed, you move to the next card.
  • You can gesture, make noises (eg bark), move around.
  • You cannot draw, show the card, or use the word itself.

The other team record the number of words guessed correctly, and stop the round after 2 minutes. Then you swap, so team 2 describes words next. Go through everyone and add the scores to see who wins.


Make it harder by not allowing gestures, noises, movements.
Keep an eye on the time. If 2 minutes is too short, allow a bit more.
If the 100 cards run out, the game ends.
Have a some spare cards ready with tricky words if it all goes too quickly.