Form 2 teams. Pass a pumpkin person to person, down the line. Under your chin, no hands. First team wins.


- 2 or 3 Mini pumpkins: small enough to hold under your chin.
- Team prizes.

This is a lovely twist on a classic game: great for Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving.
Good for kids from aged 8, teens, adults and families. It can be played indoors or out with any group of 8 or more.


1 Line up your people
Split into 2 equal teams.
Teams stand in 2 straight lines.

2 Extra person
If one team is short of a player, the first player in their line must run to the end of the line to play a second time. They will be the last person to receive the pumpkin.

3 Give each team a pumpkin
The lead person holds the mini pumpkin under their chin, on their chest.


It’s simple.
On the word “Go”, and first must pass the pumpkin on to the next player. Placing it so it ends up also under their chin. No hands, no arms and no teeth!

If you drop the pumpkin or use hands, it has to go back to the front of the line.

Keep passing person to person, to the end of the line.

First team to finish wins!


Make sure the pumpkins are small enough. Try one out in the shop...?!
Line up your teams tallest to smallest, makes things easier

Here’s a great Youtube video of Pass the Pumpkin: