Start with a pile of coins each. Play the game "I have never..."
If you have done whatever is said, you toss a coin into the centre. Last to run out of coins wins!


- a set amount of coins per person. We suggest 5 each.
- a bowl or hat to throw the coins into.

PLAYERS: 4 or more

AGES: Teens to adults

A great game for parties, pubs, Christmas even. Very versatile and quite strategic. Gets everyone laughing!


Everyone starts out with a set amount of coins.


One person begins by saying “I’ve Never…” and then adds something they’ve never done, e.g. Climbed a mountain.

Everyone who HAS climbed a mountain then throws one of their coins into a bowl sitting in the centre.
Move on to the next person.
Last one with a coin wins.

This can start to degenerate very quickly – and everyone must be honest.


You can also play with M&Ms, buttons, even shells if you are at the beach 😉


You can play it is the opposite of this. The player states something he/she HAS done. Anyone who hasn’t done that same thing gives the player a coin. The one with the most left wins.