Take turns to be blindfolded and try to pin a tail onto the donkey! Closest wins.


- a large picture of a donkey: you can draw this yourself
- a blindfold
- plenty of cardboard tails, or use a piece of material
- sticky tack, or velcro

PLAYERS: 5 or more

AGES: 3 upwards

Great fun for younger kids: a game that's been around forever. A golden oldie, and for a good reason!


Get a big picture of a donkey, or draw one, without a tail. Stick it up on a wooden board.
Make a cut-out tail or use a piece of material, and get some sticky tack.


Now blindfold a kid and ask him/her to pin the tail onto the donkey in the right place. Spin him round a few times and tell him to go.
Have everyone in the room cheer “you’re getting close” etc to help out.
Mark with a pen where he/she pins the tail and move on to the next contestant.

At the end, give out a prize for the closest tail to the right place.

Lots of laughs.


Try playing pin the tail on the lion and having a lion cake 
To make it safe for younger ones instead of a pin use some velcro and use material that it will stick to 
You can use all sorts of characters e-g stick the nose on the clown, or the ears on a rabbit or cotton wool ball on a rabbit

Here’s a great Youtube video of Pin The Tail On Eeyore: