Build a piñata for your guests to smash apart and reveal the goodies!


Items to build the body

- A large, round balloon, or a cardboard box
- Optional: cardboard tubes to stick on (empty kitchen rolls work)
- Optional: conical party hats to stick on
Items to construct and decorate the piñata

- 2 or 3 Newspapers
- Colored crepe and tissue paper to decorate
- Sticky tape, or masking tape (try Duck Tape, or Scotch Tape)
- Scissors
- Bowl
- Water & flour (to make the glue)
- Paint brushes
- Acrylic paint
- Regular white craft glue
- A paper clip or short piece of metal wire

Piñata is a favourite for kids and adults. Great for birthdays and for family parties.

If I ask my 10 year old what her top game is for a party she calls out Piñata. What’s lovely about piñata is that it is decorative as well as fun to smash up at the end. Also, the act of making this colorful object is more than half the fun. Your kids will love it! It’s so much better than buying from a shop


These simple steps will show you how to make your piñata.
As a general rule, the older the kids at your event, the larger the piñata should be.

Start making your piñata couple of days before the party, as it takes time for the glue and paint to dry.

1 Prepare the main body
Choose a large balloon, or you can work with a cardboard box if you want to be more creative.

2 Add any extra limbs you want
Tape on arms, legs, tails, hats etc.
Use cardboard tube (empty kitchen rolls are good), or construction paper.
Fix on with sticky tape or masking tape.

3 Add a loop to hang the piñata
Get a paper clip, and tie a loop of strong string to it.
Tie a loop of string to a paper clip.
Tape the paper clip onto the top the pinata before you start adding the paper mache.

4 Mix the paper mache paste
Put 2 cups (500 g) of flour, and 2 cups (500 ml) of water, into a bowl.
Stir the mixture until it starts to thicken.
Stir enough to remove most of the lumps.
Add more water as required.

5 Prepare your space
Lay out some newspaper on a table so you don’t make a mess.

6 Cut up and dunk lots of newspaper
Cut or tear the newspaper into strips, roughly 2cm wide, 20cm long.
Dunk several newspaper strips into the glue so they soak.

7 Apply the newspaper strips to the balloon
Place the balloon on a bowl so you can work with it.
Now cover the balloon in 2 layers of glue-covered strips.
Then let each layer dry. Build up to 3 or 4 layers deep.

8 Let it all dry
Cut a hole in the top to remove the balloon. If you are using a box, just leave it in.

9 Paint and decorate
Now you can paint in wonderful colors. Acrylic paint is best for vibrant colors.
Then use the crepe paper to decorate the piñata with fringes and patches. Make the fringe cuts in the crepe paper before you apply it.
You can also try using interesting cupcake liners and brightly colored tissue squares.

10 Let it dry for a day

11 Attach the rope or string
Use the metal loop of the paper clip to attach it to.
This is the part that can fail too quickly, so make sure it is robust.


Now you are ready to party.
See the Piñata game for how to play: Piñata-tips-and-tricks



Add a dash of salt to the glue mix: it prevents it going moldy over time.
You can make a star shape by sticking on 5 cardboard cone shaped party hats.
Try starting with different shaped balloon: an animal shape, or heart.
For an animal, try sticking on eyes for fun.
Use white paper for the final layer; it makes it easier to decorate.
Consider building a second piñata to give everyone a second bash at the game

Here’s a great Youtube video of How to make a brilliant Piñata: