2 teams race to poop their potatoes into a bucket.


- a potato per person
- a bucket or trash can (waste basket) for each team

PLAYERS: 4 or more

AGES: 5 upwards

This is an epic game: for most age groups, and works well for Christmas, Thanksgiving and family parties.
It's also great for a kids birthday party. Indoors, outside in the garden, or on the beach, a team race is always a winner!


Form two teams, with a potato for each player.
For larger groups you can have more teams.
Put a bucket or small trash can at the goal line.


Each person places their potato between their thighs. The object is for each team member to hobble down to their bucket and drop the potato into it. They may not use their hands except to reposition the potato between their legs if it should fall too soon.

The first team to “poop” all their potatoes in their bucket wins.


Better with at least 4 or more per team.


- You can also play this game with fruit.
- Or use ballons and if they pop the person is out: whoever has the most balloons wins.
- Make it a little harder use a small disposable cup. No teams either: if you miss you are out. Play until there is only one person left still getting that potato in the cup.