Tape up a load of sweets and gifts in sticky tape. Play pass the parcel with the ball.


- enough small gifts for all the players. Get wrapped candies, lollipops, sweets and choices, trinkets, coins. Anything small, fun and cheap.
- a single larger gift for the end of the game
- sticky tape or clingfilm: plenty of this!
- scissors
- a pair of dice

PLAYERS: 3 or more


AGES: 5 upwards

We recently discovered this game when I was checking out pass the parcel. Basically a massive ball of tape, full of prizes to discover. It's a lovely idea which you can play at most parties. It works well for sleepovers, kids parties and for family events.


Now wrap everything in the tape. You can also use clingfilm – it’s a bit easier to unwrap. Start with the large gift, tape it up loosely, then add in a small gift, and more tape. Repeat. When you reach the end of the tape its a good idea to stick a piece of paper under the end to make it easy to find. You end up with a big sticky tape “prize ball”.


Everyone sits in a circle. Give the prize ball to one person – the birthday person is best. Have your scissors ready for them to use. Give the dice to the next person in the circle. Now start: the first player starts unwrapping: pulling off the tape and aiming to get as many gifts as they can. At the same time, the next player is throwing the dice. As soon a they roll a double (any pair), they grab the prize ball, pass the dice on, and the unwrapping continues! The game continues until the main prize at the end. Excellent fun!


You can experiment with different types of tape: duct tape, clear tape, Sellotape and clingfilm.


As a variation, you can include envelopes with a forfeit written inside: when someone unwraps the forfeit, the game stops whilst they do it.
Try using two balls if you have more than 8 people, to avoid too much waiting time
A great variation is to wear a pair of gloves; it's makes the unwrapping super tricky!