Like hide and seek: one person hides - everyone goes hunting for them. If you find them, you join them!


- a house that is safe to run around and hide in

PLAYERS: 6 or more

AGES: 5 upwards

A great game for kids. Better than hide and seek because by the end of the game everyone’s hiding together instead of sitting alone for the entire game. A must have game at your next party.


This game is like hide and seek. One person hides while the others wait.


Then everybody splits up and tries to find the person hiding. If you find that person, you have to hide with them, and the next person to find them hides with them and so on.

The object is to get as many people hiding together as possible, without being noticeable, and have one or two people left who cant’ find you.

It is very funny and will get everybody excited. It is preferably played outside.