- wrapped gifts: everybody brings one
- numbers written on pieces of paper. From 1, up to your number of guests
- a Santa stocking
- a hat to put the folder numbers in

PLAYERS: 6 or more

AGES: 13 upwards

We played this game for our office Christmas lunch. It's great for a team event, a lunch, dinner or party.


Everyone buys a secret present that must cost less than £5 or $5. The gift should be suitable for anyone at the party.
Wrap up your gift.
The host gathers all the gifts before the party and puts them in a Christmas Santa stocking or a big bag or decorated box.
Keep it secret who put in which gift.
Also to prepare, get some small pieces of paper and write numbers 1 upwards on them, to the number of people in your party. Fold up these numbers up and place in an envelope or hat.


Everyone draws a number. The person with the highest number starts.
Draw a gift from the Santa stocking. They open the gift.
now the next highest number person draws a gift and opens.
They get to choose if they keep their gift or swap with the opened gift the other person has.

Repeat. As you go down the numbers each person gets more and more choice of gifts to swap with. Until the final person, with number 1, opens their gift and gets to choose from the whole party.

A great twist on a traditional Christmas party game!


- smaller gifts are better