Pair up and race to shave a balloon. One person holds it in their mouth. Messy, hilarious!


- plenty of balloons
- shaving foam or spray cream
- razors
- a bowl of water
- towels

PLAYERS: 4 or more

AGES: 7 upwards

A great game for kids and still good for a family party as it gets everyone laughing.
Best done outside or somewhere without carpets.
Hilarious, messy fun!


Cover the balloons in shaving foam.
Pair up your guests, and one person holds the ballon in their mouth, the other is the shaver.
Give them a razor.
You can have the girls shave and the boys hold, or whatever works best.


On the word go start the race. First pair to shave their balloon without popping it wins!

As they go, provide a bowl of water for them to dip their razors in.
A towel helps wipe up the mess.


If people are being too sensible and nothing has popped near the end, you can always use a pin to help 😉
Spray cream tastes much better for everyone, it just makes a different kind of mess


To make it even better fill the balloons with shaving foam, so when they pop players get covered in shaving cream.

Here’s a great Youtube video of Shaving Balloons: