Couple up. One of you is blindfolded, the other throws their shoes in the middle.
On the word go, the hunters scramble to find their partner's shoes and be the first to put them back on.


- blindfolds: enough for half your guests
- chairs

PLAYERS: 6 or more

AGES: 7 upwards

This is a more active game, sometimes a riot! Good for most ages: younger party fans will enjoy it most as it involves crawling around. Try at a 21st, a church group, or a house party.


You need some blindfolds: enough for half the people.
Each player finds a partner. Everyone sits in a row opposite their partners.
One player in each pair is blindfolded, and the opposite player throws both their shoes into a pile in the middle, then sits on a chair.


On the word go, the blindfolded person must crawl around and find his partner’s shoes in the pile.
The team mate whose shoes are in the pile can advise “That’s not my shoe” or “Get trying!” etc. until they get the correct pair.
The blindforded person must then try to put the shoes back onto their partner’s feet.

First couple to do this wins.