Play snap: slap the cards when you get a match!

A brilliant game for adults and kids in particular. A little riotous, noisy and fun.
Perfect for that moment when there’s a lull.


  • You just need a standard pack of playing cards.
  • 3 or 4 players works well, although 2 is fine.


1 Shuffle the cards
Nothing too serious, just a quick shuffle.

2 Get into position
Sit in tight circle at a table.
Maybe have some fun music to add to the moment…

3 Deal
Deal the whole deck around the players. You’re all set.


Taking it in turns to lay a card face up, one pile per player.
Make sure you place the pile close together.

If the number of the card laid matches any other card on the table,
you SLAP your hand down onto that card. Simple.
Everyone will probably SLAP at the same time, so it’s the hand that went down first that wins, and gets to pick up all the cards on the table.

The winner is the person with all the cards.


  • Using 2 packs of cards is a good idea if you have more than 3 players.

For safety

  • You will be slapping the table so make sure nothing will spill or break


Here’s a great Youtube showing all this in action: