Arrange 10 spoons in a pattern on the floor. Secretly indicate a number using your fingers. See if people can guess what number you are showing them.


Get hold of 10 teaspoons

PLAYERS: 4 or more

AGES: 13 upwards

This is really a game of observation. It will drive people crazy and is even more fun when a few of your quests realize what's happening.
Even when you make it blindingly obvious a few people will fail to see what you are doing!


Get your teaspoons. Gather your guests.
Kneel on the ground. Make a pattern using the spoons on the carpet so that all your guests can see what you’re doing.
The spoons can form any pattern, for example:

– end to end
– side to side
– arrows

Ask your guests what number the pattern represents.


The secret is that the pattern is actually in how you hold your hands.
So for example, with your palms face down reveal 5 fingers making sure that the rest of your fingers are not outstretched.
At this stage don’t make it too obvious what you’re doing.

Then ask your guests collectively if by looking at the pattern of the spoons if they can guess what number this represents.
The answer in this case is 5, and has nothing to do with the 10 spoons, but with your exposed fingers and thumbs.

If nobody guesses the code after the first round collect up all the spoons and make a new pattern.
Again place your hands palms down exposing as many fingers and thumbs as you wish.
If you have for example 7 fingers/thumbs fully outstretched (the rest folded back) then the answer to your pattern is 7 and so on.

Keep creating new patterns while at the same time showing more/less fingers.

Great fun for all occasions and parties.