Your kids swim around until the music stops then have to jump onto an island (a cushion).


- enough cushions (or pillows) so there is one per person
- background music
- prizes

PLAYERS: 6 or more

AGES: up to 5 years

This is another great game for young kids: it gets them moving round and enjoying the background music. Don't forget prizes!


Get enough cushions (or pillows) so there is one per person.
You’ll need to play some background music.


Tell the children that they are in the sea and to start “swimming” around to the music.
When you stop the music shout out “There’s a storm coming – dash to an island!”.
Everyone must jump onto a cushion so no part of their body is touching the sea (the floor).

Start the music again and the game resumes with a new variation.
Ask them to be fishes, swimming in the sea.
When you stop the music tell them there is a big shark coming to eat them.

Give everyone a clap and a prize for joining in.

Great fun for the little ones!


You can remove a cushion each time if you want to make this game competitive, and one person then goes out each round until you get a winner.


You can try other ideas such as
- crocodiles
- pirates
- jellyfish
with the children being
- dolphins
- rowing boats
- surfing
- crabs
- mermaids