This icebreaker is a lovely idea for dinners, house parties and special occasions like wedding anniversaries. My friend Jo Ann came up with it as she celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary.

Story name tags will serve as a “mixer” to get the party rolling: a really good opportunity to create a conversation starter.


- some name tags
- a couple of pens

PLAYERS: 4 or more

AGES: Adults

A nice icebreaker for a larger gathering


The idea is simple: you produce name tags that tell a story.

You just need to get some name tags, and a couple of pens.
As they arrive, ask your guests to fill out a name tag with a single sentence about how they know either of the hosts.

For example:

  • Jim Smith. I introduced bride to groom.
  • Jane Doe. I used to date the groom.


Pin on the name tags and enjoy the conversations!

If you have friends that do not know each other this idea just gets everyone talking. It’s also good if you have quite a few guests and won’t have time to go around introducing everyone, a good way to reduce the stress.