Each team gets a copy of the same newspaper. Call out quiz questions: what's the headline on a page, which celeb features in the gossip column, what was the score a X sporting event, etc. Different points for each question. First team to shout out correctly gets the points. A prize for the team with most points.


- copies of the same newspaper, one per team, and one for the quiz master
- paper and pens
- a team prize

PLAYERS: Quiz master, plus 2 teams min

AGES: 10 upwards

A brilliant game for Christmas, Thanksgiving, family parties, a dinner, in fact for any event with a fun group of friends.
It gets noisy, it gets competitive. It's all about winning!


Plan ahead for this game, the preparation is half the fun!
Go out and find a suitable newspaper, and buy an identical copy for each team you will have, plus one copy for you the quiz master.
You’ll also need a suitable prize for the winning team. A tin of chocolates or biscuits maybe.

Next: have a browse through and highlight a load of interesting facts in the paper. Now type up your question sheet – we’ve put some ideas below.
You can be creative, and you can have a lot of fun working out questions.

For each question decide if it is easy, average, or hard.
Teams will get 1 point for an easy question, 2 for an average, and 3 for a hard question.
You’re all set.


Split your party into teams. They can nominate a team name.
You may also want a score keeper, who can write up the team scores as they answer.
Give each team a copy of the newspaper.

Start the quiz: call out the questions. It’s a race!
First team to shout out the correct answer gets the points.
The scorer writes up scores and keeps a total.

Prize for the winning team.
Excellent, noisy fun!


Have a good spread of questions: some super easy, and make some super tricky.
Teams can pull the paper apart and give individuals a section to look after.
- Tell me the the headline on page X?
- Which famous celeb has a photo on page Y?
- On which page can you find this headline?
- How many pages does the paper have (including the pull out)?
- Who said Z?
- What was the temperature in X city on this date?
- Who was married or buried on X date?
- How many words does the article titled “XXX” have?
- Hunt for an article that has precisely 46 words
- Who won the match where X played Y?
- Other key sporting results


You can also group your questions into sections:
- Current Affairs
- Celebrities
- Sports
- Pictures
- International
- etc
to give your teams a steer. Maybe even a mini prize for the winner of each section.