Play tag with turkey washing pins! Plus, have a blast making them.

A fab game for Thanksgiving. Great fun to prepare and a good energetic run around for kids aged 5 to 12.


  • Clothes pins: clothes pegs, 3 per person
  • Eyes: Googley turkey eyes (here)
  • Orange and red foam: for the beak and gobble decoration. Self adhesive makes it quicker.
  • Glue: a hot glue gun is useful
  • Paint: acrylic paint, in several colors


Make the turkey pins in about 15 minutes. It’s pretty straightforward, and great fun for the kids to join in.

1 Get enough clothes pins
3 per person, with some spares.
Each person has a particular color, so 6 kids, 6 colors of paint.

2 Paint the pins
Just one side is enough.

3 Cut out the beak and gobble
Cut out a beak from the orange foam.
Cut out a gobble from the red foam.
Do this for each clothes pin.

4 Stick on all the bits!
Use the glue to on the beak: place it a little off centre.
Then stick the gobble over. And finally the goggle eyes: just above the beak.


Everyone gets three turkey pins. Stick them anywhere on your clothing.
Now spread out, indoors or outside.
On the word go, the players run around trying to get the turkey pins off everyone else. As you grab a pin, drop it on the ground (it can’t be re-used!).
You go out as soon as all three of your own pins have been grabbed.
Winner is the last person left.




Here’s a great Youtube showing the game in action: