Race on hands and knees to roll an egg to the finish line using any part of the head only.


- plenty of eggs (24)
- glasses: for the teams to roll eggs into
- helpers

PLAYERS: 6 or more

AGES: 7 up to adult

This game is best played on a beach, but can work well in the back garden too.
Just like turtles on a beach. Great entertainment for you and the public!


Be prepared with about 2 dozen eggs and a couple of large glasses.
Mark out a start line and a finish line about 10 feet away.
Place a glass on it’s side at the finish line for each team.

Now get your people onto two teams and stand them in two lines behind the start line.
Give everyone an egg.


The first person from each team must get down on hands and knees on the start line.
The objective is to roll the egg to the finish line using any part of the head only.
No hands allowed.
Once you get to the finish line you must roll the egg into the glass which is placed on the ground on its side.
A helper can collect each of the eggs from the glasses as they are rolled in.

If your egg breaks you get given a fresh egg to continue with.
The winning side is the fastest to get all their eggs into the glasses.