Your guests take turns to feel a load of small objects which are in bags, without looking.
Work them all out, write them down.
See who can guess them all!


- a selection of fun small objects that each fit a bag. Things like an orange, a key, a spoon, a fork, a coin, a sock, a shell, a sweet etc.
- for adults you can use objects that fit the occasion, eg baby shower items
- paper bags, one for each object
- stickers to stick the bags closed
- paper and pen for everyone
- prizes!

PLAYERS: 4 or more

AGES: 5 upwards

This is another favourite, it works for adults and kids, for sleepovers and birthday parties.
You can use it as a nice game at a Baby Shower.
Your guests need to be old enough to write.


Fill the bags with the small items, one per bag.
Use an alphabet sticker if you can get them, to provide a clue to what’s inside.
Sit your guests in a circle.
Give everyone a paper and pen.


Start passing all the bags around the circle.
Each person feels their bag, tries to guess the contents, and then writes down their answer.
Pass the bags on.

At then end, hold up each bag and see what everyone guessed.
Prizes for the guests with the most correct.


You can use alphabet stickers and use them to give your guest a clue to what's in the bag.
You can even pick items that the winning guest will take home as a prize. For a Baby shower the mum can keep the items.


If it's taking too long, use a timer and give them a minute each. See who gets the most correct.

Here’s a great Youtube video of What’s in the Bag: