For your 5-8 year olds. We’ve got some old favourites like Bobbing for Apples and Pin the Tail on Eeyore, plus some of the best new ones. Try out our faves: Jelly Baby mountain, Bloodhound, or Bubble Butt.

Shaving Balloons

GET SET Cover the balloons in shaving foam. Pair up your guests, and one person holds the ballon in their mouth, the other is the shaver. Give them a razor. You can have the girls shave and the boys hold, or whatever works best. PARTY! On the word go s …

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Balloon Relay

You’ll need a room or area with space to run up and down. Divide your guests into 2 teams. Have then stand behind a start line. 

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Fruit Croquet

On the word go players must use the fruit in the stocking to knock the fruit on the floor from the starting line to the finish line.

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On the word go, the teams must pass the balloon down their row, from person to person, between their knees, as quickly as possible.

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Shopping List Scramble

Teams scavenge the house for a list of items. First team back wins!

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Party Game

Jewel Thief

A blindfolded “guard” sits and guards treasure with a rolled up newspaper. Your guests take turns to steal items…until they get hit by the guard!

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Spoon Game

Kneel on the ground. Make a pattern using the spoons on the carpet so that all your guests can see what you’re doing. The spoons can form any pattern…

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What’s in the Bag

GET SET Fill the bags with the small items, one per bag. Use an alphabet sticker if you can get them, to provide a clue to what’s inside. Sit your guests in a circle. Give everyone a paper and pen. PARTY! Start passing all the bags around the circle. E …

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Pin The Tail On Eeyore

GET SET Get a big picture of a donkey, or draw one, without a tail. Stick it up on a wooden board. Make a cut-out tail or use a piece of material, and get some sticky tack. PARTY! Now blindfold a kid and ask him/her to pin the tail onto the donkey in t …

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