Here’s a sleepover we did the other night: it worked really well.

We had 6 girls: 12 year olds, to stay. Start time was straight after school on a Friday, about 5.00pm. They finished just after breakfast on Saturday morning.

Make Pizzas

You will need:

  • Pizza bases / crust – one per person, plus some spares
  • Tomato sauce
  • Olive oil
  • Meaty toppings: chopped sausage, bacon bits, ham, salami, pepperoni, chicken
  • (note: these all need to be pre-cooked)
  • Veg toppings: peppers, basil leaves, mushrooms, onion, pineapple and chilli!
  • You can also try interesting sauces such as BBQ, Chilli
  • Grated cheese: parmigiana, mozzarella (fresh or shredded) or cheddar
  • Seasoning: a black pepper grinder ideally
  • Chopping boards, knives, baking trays, spoons, pastry brush.
  1. Preheat your oven to 260C, 500F. Make sure it has time to get properly hot.
  2. Give each person a pizza base, out of it’s packaging. Place onto a baking sheet or tray (round or rectangular). You’ll either need plenty of trays, or take it in turns to cook the pizzas. Use the pastry brush to spread olive oil over the pizza base – a thin layer is fine.

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Icing cookies is a kids favorite: it just seems to have all the elements of creativity, messy, fun that children love. Plus they can taste a little as they go, and it’s not a competitive activity.

This recipe takes a few short cuts, so you can focus on the fun!
I recommend you purchase your cookies, make simple icing (not royal icing) and use squeezy bottles to decorate with. You can even buy pre-made icing if you want to.


Kit you will need

  • Mixing bowls
  • Spoons to measure
  • Forks to mix with
  • Plastic squeezy bottles to ice with
  • A plastic funnel to fill the bottles with
  • Trays to ice on
  • Greaseproof paper or parchment

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Play Jelly Baby Mountain

A good game for making a mess. Great for sleepovers, and for parties from age 7 upwards.


Get a big bowl and pack it full of flour.
Then carefully tip the bowl out onto a plate so it makes a flour mound.
Now stick a jelly baby (or other sweet) on top.


Sit in a circle around the mound.
Get a spoon and take it in turns to remove a spoonful of the flour.
Whoever makes the jelly baby fall has to eat the jelly baby without using their hands.
This does get a bit messy. You might want a vacuum cleaner at the ready or play outdoors.

Comments from the site:

  • tip play bobbing for apples first but don’t wipe your face
  • good game to play but it is way to messy if u play inside
  • try using jellybeans and whipp cream and make them get it out
  • I did this at my friends sleepover it was Hilarious!!! we did it on her trampoleen then jumped in the flour after!! It was Super fun!

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Apple Bobbing

This simple game is always amusing for everyone. Get a large bucket or washing up bowl and fill it with water. If you are playing this indoors, then make sure you have plenty of protection against spillage – towels etc. Float a number of apples in the water.

To play, your guests simply need to pick an apple out of the water without using their hands. Everyone who gets an apple can have a prize.

Or you play with a timer and see who can be the fastest to get one apple out

Comments from the site:

  • you could use blindfolds to make it more difficult
  • maybe try painting a pear of swimming goggles to make a suitable blindfold

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Mars bar game

This party game is hysterical to watch, and brilliant to be part of!
It’s cool for a sleepovers, Christmas, Thanksgiving and for family events.


You will need:

  • dice (one)
  • a small stool
  • hat & scarf
  • gloves (mittens are best)
  • knife & fork
  • wrapped bar of chocolate on plate.


Players sit in a circle with the items in middle.

Each player throws a dice in turn, going clockwise.

On throwing a six, the player goes to the middle and puts on clothing, picks up knife and fork and attempts to open the chocolate bar and eat the chocolate.

Meanwhile the dice continues to go round the other players until another six is thrown. That player takes over from the player already attempting to eat the chocolate bar.

A real blast, and an absolute riot if the sixes come in quick succession. Have a camera ready!

Truth or Dare Pass the Parcel

A very different kind of truth or dare, and a little bit potty. It makes truth or dare more interesting, because you have to pop a balloon and you don’t know what your going to get! Good for sleepovers and teen parties.



Write your truth questions and dares on slips of paper.

Now put the truths in green balloons and blow them up.

Put dares in red balloons and blow them up.

Write truth or dare on the outside of the balloons with a permanent marker.



Get everyone to pop a balloon by sitting on it, then read the truth or dare out aloud and answer it or do it.


Awesome fun!

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Make Popcorn, Watch a Movie

Here are some suggestions my kids love

Movie List

  • Pitch Perfect 2

Make the popcorn together: add flavours

Get ready with
– snacks, drinks and sweets
– plenty of cushions


Then next morning….


Balloon Tower!

See who can build the tallest tower using just balloons and sticky tape.

Get Ready

You will need

  • Plenty of balloons: about 30 or 40 per team
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • You can also have a balloon pump for each team


Get into pairs or groups of 3.
Set a timer and give everyone 30 minutes to build a tower: they need to blow the balloons up and tape them together.
Tallest tower wins!

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Sleepover Breakfast

Enjoy a relaxed breakfast: maybe some waffle making or pancakes, before pickup.


A few weeks before

Agree who to invite: do this with your daughter/son

Send out invitation emails


A week before

Confirm who is coming

Do a trial run of the cooking: try making a pizza, cookies, etc. It’s all part of the fun and you’ll see what works best.


On the day before

Get the shopping list – all your ingredients and kit for games.


Just before the guests arrive

Lay out the games kit

Get the cooking area and ingredients ready for pizza making and cookie icing. For the pizzas, you may want to prepare the toppings, chop things up ahead of time.


On the evening

5pm                         Arrive, Make Pizza’s and Cookie icing for an hour

6pm                        Play the games (see below)

7pm                         Eat Tea: pizza, and cookies

8pm                         Movie with popcorn, snacks, drinks and sweets

10pm                         Up to bed, chill out


Next morning

800am             Get up

830am            Balloon Tower game

900am            Waffle making and breakfast

930am            Chill out until pick up

10am              Pick up