The best games for tweens (9-12). Highly participative games, for Sleepovers, Halloween, some messy ones and plenty of rushing around, indoors and out! Try out Balloon Stomp or Whipped Cream plates, just brilliant.

Cucumber Face Race

The challenge is to move the piece of cucumber or chocolate down your face, without using hands, and into your mouth. If it falls off you must start again.

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Turtle Relay

The objective is to roll the egg to the finish line using any part of the head only. No hands allowed.

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Chair Dash

Set up enough chairs in the middle of the room for all your players. Prepare a list of items to collect from around your home: use a list of common household items, see box below.

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Tricky Ball

Pass a ball round a circle: if you drop the ball you go to one hand, one knee etc. The last player in is the winner. Great fun!

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Shoe Scramble

Couple up. One of you is blindfolded, the other throws their shoes in the middle. On the word go, the hunters scramble to find their partner’s shoes and be the first to put them back on.

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Balloon Actions

Ask your guests to sit in a circle with the balloons in the middle. Each child chooses a balloon, stomps on it until it pops, and reads the secret message inside.

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Balloon Party Game

Balloon Truth or Dare

Put truth questions in green balloons, dare questions in red balloons. Take turns to pop a balloon and take the challenge!

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Shaving Balloons

GET SET Cover the balloons in shaving foam. Pair up your guests, and one person holds the ballon in their mouth, the other is the shaver. Give them a razor. You can have the girls shave and the boys hold, or whatever works best. PARTY! On the word go s …

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Balloon Relay

You’ll need a room or area with space to run up and down. Divide your guests into 2 teams. Have then stand behind a start line. 

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