The best games for tweens (9-12). Highly participative games, for Sleepovers, Halloween, some messy ones and plenty of rushing around, indoors and out! Try out Balloon Stomp or Whipped Cream plates, just brilliant.

Fruit Croquet

On the word go players must use the fruit in the stocking to knock the fruit on the floor from the starting line to the finish line.

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On the word go, the teams must pass the balloon down their row, from person to person, between their knees, as quickly as possible.

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Shopping List Scramble

Teams scavenge the house for a list of items. First team back wins!

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Party Game

Jewel Thief

A blindfolded “guard” sits and guards treasure with a rolled up newspaper. Your guests take turns to steal items…until they get hit by the guard!

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Spoon Game

Kneel on the ground. Make a pattern using the spoons on the carpet so that all your guests can see what you’re doing. The spoons can form any pattern…

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A great game for kids. Better than hide and seek because by the end of the game everyone’s hiding together instead of sitting alone for the entire game. A must have game at your next party.

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Blair Witch Hide and Seek

Wait until it’s dark and turn out the lights. One person hides with a mobile phone. In the pitch black, everyone goes looking for this one person.

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GET SET You divide the group into two or more teams of about 6 people each. It is more fun if you have guy, girl, guy, girl. Give one apple or orange to the leader of each team. PARTY! On the word “go” the leader must stick the orange under his chin an …

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Close Contact Music Game

GET SET Everyone pairs up with space to dance a bit. Each couple has a sheet of newspaper: the bigger the better. PARTY! Play your favourite songs, and stop the music randomly. When the music stops you must stand together on the paper. Each time the mu …

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