The best games for tweens (9-12). Highly participative games, for Sleepovers, Halloween, some messy ones and plenty of rushing around, indoors and out! Try out Balloon Stomp or Whipped Cream plates, just brilliant.

Spin the Bottle – Nail Polish

GET SET Arrange your nail polishes in a circle. Get a bottle. PARTY! You choose someone to go first and they spin. Whatever color the bottle lands on they have to paint a finger with it. Do this until everyone has painted all 10 fingers. Or you can do …

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Party Game

Murder In The Dark

Someone counts to three and turns off the lights. The game begins. The murderer finds people and taps them on the shoulder.

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Limbo Dancing

Two adults hold the stick at a set height (quite high to start with). Have some upbeat music playing and ask your guests or kids to form a line and start limbo dancing under the stick. They cannot touch the stick , and only their feet can touch the ground. If anyone touches the stick or falls over they are out.

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Cotton Ball Relay

Set up a large table, (or a bunch of tables) at one end of the room, for the cotton balls. For each team: – Place a bowl of 10 cotton balls on the table – Nearby, put some vaseline on a plate, ready for people to dip theirs noses into

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Jelly Baby Mountain

This is a messy game, but one that kids love. Very popular for sleepovers. Suitable for kids aged 7 upwards. A bowl of flour. Balance a jelly baby on top. Take turns to remove a spoonful of flour. Whoever makes the sweet fall must eat it without using their hands.

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Zip Zap Boing

One person begins by looking in a direction and saying Zip the next person then says Zip and it continues round in a circle. The next command is Boing (difficult to type, as in the sound a spring makes.) This changes the direction of the zip and so it continues back round in the opposite direction.

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Gift Unwrap

GET SET Put the gift in a box and wrap it tightly in at least 15 layers of wrapping paper, with plenty of tape. Make sure it is a gift that can be manhandled and is not fragile. The gift is placed in the middle of a table along with the mittens, scarf, …

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Malteser Party Game

Malteser Game

Someone starts by rolling the dice. It keeps going round until someone rolls a six. When they do, they have to try and get as many maltesers into their cup using just the straw, by sucking the maltesers. They keep doing this until another person rolls a six and starts sucking instead.

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Bobbing For Apples
Harmless wet mayhem!

GET SET 1. Find a good location Outdoors it better, but can be cold in the Fall. Indoors is fine: just do it where the floor can get wet, or put down a plastic sheet. 2. Fill the tub ¾ full with slightly warm water. Don’t use freezing cold water as tha …

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