Awesome sleepover and slumber party games. These are so popular. Loads to choose from and lots of new ideas. Check out Kiss the Poster, Spin the Bottle and the Camera Game.

Cereal Box Game

Take turns to bend over and pick up an empty cereal box with your teeth. Cut an inch off each round. Last one to succeed wins.

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Jelly Baby Mountain

This is a messy game, but one that kids love. Very popular for sleepovers. Suitable for kids aged 7 upwards. A bowl of flour. Balance a jelly baby on top. Take turns to remove a spoonful of flour. Whoever makes the sweet fall must eat it without using their hands.

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Alphabet Bags

GET SET Take 26 brown paper bags and write a letter of the alphabet on each, in large script. Inside each bag put an item that starts with that letter and seal the bag. PARTY! Each person has a partner. Throw the bags on the floor in the middle of the …

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Pig Out

GET SET Prepare a bowl full of cotton balls. Pass around the Vaseline and ask each player to take a large finger-full and smear it on the tip of their nose. PARTY! On the word “Go!” start the timer. The idea of the game is to “pig out” as many cotton b …

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Gift Unwrap

GET SET Put the gift in a box and wrap it tightly in at least 15 layers of wrapping paper, with plenty of tape. Make sure it is a gift that can be manhandled and is not fragile. The gift is placed in the middle of a table along with the mittens, scarf, …

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Poop The Potato

GET SET Form two teams, with a potato for each player. For larger groups you can have more teams. Put a bucket or small trash can at the goal line. PARTY! Each person places their potato between their thighs. The object is for each team member to hobbl …

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Donuts on a String

Hang up a load of donuts and get your kids to eat them without their hands

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Kiss the Poster

GET SET Get a nice large poster of your favourite pop star or celebrity and stick it to a wall. Have some bright lipsticks ready, and a blindfold: a kitchen towel works well. Get a camera ready too… PARTY! Get everyone to put on different lipsticks. No …

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Malteser Party Game

Malteser Game

Someone starts by rolling the dice. It keeps going round until someone rolls a six. When they do, they have to try and get as many maltesers into their cup using just the straw, by sucking the maltesers. They keep doing this until another person rolls a six and starts sucking instead.

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