Young Kids Party Games

Some lovely games for your toddlers and young kids party, up to 4 years. We’ve included some great musical games, some active games and favourites like Musical Statues.

Musical Island

Dance around a circle taking turns to step on an island. When the music stops if you are on the island you go out. Last one left wins.

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Stormy Waters

Tell the children that they are in the sea and to start “swimming” around to the music. When you stop the music shout out “There’s a storm coming – dash to an island!”.

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Pin The Tail On Eeyore

GET SET Get a big picture of a donkey, or draw one, without a tail. Stick it up on a wooden board. Make a cut-out tail or use a piece of material, and get some sticky tack. PARTY! Now blindfold a kid and ask him/her to pin the tail onto the donkey in t …

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Limbo Dancing

Two adults hold the stick at a set height (quite high to start with). Have some upbeat music playing and ask your guests or kids to form a line and start limbo dancing under the stick. They cannot touch the stick , and only their feet can touch the ground. If anyone touches the stick or falls over they are out.

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